Monday, January 18, 2010

My Boyfriend is Becoming a Chef

This morning I was up by 6:30am. Not as tired as I was last week. After a few more mornings like this, waking up early might become a regular routine for me again. It's all in training the body and mind!

I drove over to Margie's office to workout with her. She's feeling better already after that one workout we did on Friday (and so am I). I'm so glad for her. It helps to have a workout/healthy habit buddy!

Today's Workout:

T-Tapp MORE! Feeling great after this morning's workout. Gotta keep up this healthy habit.

We might try the MORE Step Away workout this week too.

2 sets of Hoe Downs before lunch with the T-Tapp staff.

Today's Food Log:


I had a quick brekkie today...
Kashi Whole Wheat Biscuits Island Vanilla with Vanilla Almond Breeze and Frozen Blueberries

And later after my appointment I enjoyed a Starbucks Grande Nonfat Vanilla Latte.


Whole Grain Lean Pocket Grilled Chicken Mushroom Spinach and Salad.

After work I got another massage. Feel amazing right now!


2 Sargento String Cheese on my way home.


Marcel is turning into quite the chef! He made us Beef Stroganoff tonight from scratch. It was delicious!

Today's Supplements:

Alfalfa: 4 caps
Emergen-C: 2 packets
nutraMetrix® Isotonix® Calcium Complete: 2 servings
nutraMetrix® Glucosatrin® Bone & Joint Formula: 3 caps

Au revoir!

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