Friday, January 15, 2010

My January Jump Start 30-Day Challenge

That's me half asleep this morning before my workout.

I started my own 30-Day January Jump Start T-Tapp Challenge! Technically I can't win the challenge because I'm T-Tapp staff, but I can join in on the fun and consistency challenge. I took more photos - full length front, left, right and back - too. Will share them all on February 15th to show my progress!

The prize is SO sweet this year too!!! Winners get a chance to attend the first ever Beauty Boot Camp Retreat hosted by Teresa Tapp herself at the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa in the spring of 2010 with less than 20 people (closed to the public).

Once I got to the office the rest of the staff wanted to join the challenge too! So I took everyone's photos and Lauren took their measurements. Then, the best part, Teresa decided to allow the staff winner to come to a few workouts during the Beauty Boot Camp Retreat. How cool is that?!

Here are today's measurements:

I'm a Long Torso/Short Leg body type (Rib-Hip: 6"; Hip-Knee: 18"; Knee-Ankle: 15"). Learn Your T-Tapp Body Type!

Entered into the T-Tapp MORE category.

Wish me luck!

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