Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Taking it Easy

I got up much earlier than normal to make it to the office early. (Have to try to get 40 hours this week in order to pay rent on the 1st.) With all my appointments I'm stretching myself thin to meet my bills. One of the "joys" of being injured in a car accident... lots of missed hours and waiting for reimbursement from the insurance company. Not fun!

Today's Workout:

NADA. Did a few shoulder rolls, that's it. Still taking it easy after my adjustment.

I'm feeling better though. My lower back is no longer killing me. By the end of the day I'm completely wiped out and have no energy. I literally melt into the couch and don't move until it's time to crawl into bed.

Will take Thursday off too and workout again on Friday morning with Margie.

Today's Food Log:


Oatmeal with Dried Cranberries, Slivered Almonds, Coconut, Organic Maple Syrup and Almond Breeze.

And Coffee with Silk French Vanilla Creamer...


Ate a graham cracker on the ride back from picking up lunch. Sorry, no photo.


Jason's Deli Salad Bar... including organic mixed greens, green peas, cherry tomatoes, organic carrots, red and yellow peppers, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, purple onion, broccoli, 1 boiled egg, some roasted pepper hummus, sunflower seeds, feta cheese, baby muffins, Mediterranean pasta salad and lowfat reduced sodium ranch dressing on the side.

Ate about 1/2 of this and will "recycle" it for lunch tomorrow.


Ate another graham cracker on the ride home.


When I got home Marcel was almost done making me dinner! Organic chicken meatballs with pasta.

I ate about 1/2 that amount of pasta and almost all of the salad. This recipe gets 5 stars! It was made with a lot of love.

Today's Supplements:

Alfalfa: 4 caps
Emergen-C: 1 packet
nutraMetrix® Isotonix® Calcium Complete: 2 servings
nutraMetrix® Glucosatrin® Bone & Joint Formula: 3 caps

Au revoir!

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