Friday, March 19, 2010

Never Throw Away Your Jeans

I learned this lesson the hard way! A few years ago I was up to a size 11/12 on the bottom due to a long period of inactivity after car accident #1, so of course I purchased some new clothing to fit my new size. Once I was able to exercise again I got back into size 8s and some 6s. What did I do with those bigger jeans in sizes 9 and 11? Gave them away to my friends and thrift stores. At the time it felt great to clean out my closet and make room for the new clothes that actually fit.

After car accident #2, I gained back some of that weight and really wished that I had my old jeans back. I couldn't fit into the smaller ones, but kept them piled in my closet for a future day when I would lose the inches and be able to fit back into them again. Didn't want to make the same mistake twice, you know? I couldn't throw away the small ones if I may fit in them again soon.

I've been working my butt off (literally) with at a 4-day boot camp, at least 3 full T-Tapp workouts per week and better eating habits since January of this year. My hard work has paid off! I've lost 9.5 inches in the last month... and counting... My body feels so much stronger, toned and smooth.

This morning I decided to wear a new top that I got with a gift certificate last weekend, but really wanted some skinny black jeans to go along with it. I tried on the dark skinny jeans that I've been wearing the last few months -- they were too small! So I tried on another pair of my old jeans stockpiled in the closet -- they fit! And another pair, and another pair... pretty much all of them fit me again. Amazing! I'm very motivated right now, but wish I had a new pair of black skinny jeans instead of my old faded pair for tonight.

The jean shorts are another story. I'm not ready to bare my blinding white legs to the world just yet... need a little more time for that one, but again I'm keeping them in the closet.

The only bad thing (or good depending on how you look at it) about T-Tapp is that you drop so many inches that your clothes don't fit correctly anymore and you have to go buy new outfits!

I'm so close to my goal that I can almost taste it. Another month or two and I should be there.

Au revoir!

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