Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kick-Ass Date Night

After work I rushed over to start my sauna session and refill my Kangen water jug. Then home to pick up Marcel, dinner and get to the movie theater.

We were lucky enough to get 2 free passes to see Kick-Ass the movie before it's released to the public. That movie was hilarious! It has a little bit of everything... and a lot of violence. Other than the gruesome parts I love this movie. Hit Girl is my hero!

Have a feeling that everyone is going to dress up as Kick-Ass or Alice in Wonderland characters for Halloween this year. And it looks like purple hair is going to be big too! I'm ahead of the trends over here.

On the way to the theater we drove by this building I've been eying for what seems like forever. I need to stop and take some higher quality photos, but here's what I snapped...

I love Roy Lichtenstein art!!

{ blurry due to riding in the car }



I shared this 6-inch Subway Turkey Sandwich on Honey Oat with Marcel. Also had a few sips of his root beer and a couple Cool Ranch Doritos.

Movie Snacks

Ended up spending $19.00 on the ridiculously marked-up snacks at the theater. Yikes!

Here's what I snacked on...


Alfalfa: 3 caps
B-12 Plus: 4 sprays
nutraMetrix® Glucosatrin Bone & Joint Formula: 1 cap
Pyruvyl Glycine: 8 sprays
Vitamin D3: 4 sprays

Water intake today: 2 liters

Veggies today: 5
Fruits today: 1

Au revoir!

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