Monday, May 17, 2010

Rainy Monday

Tampa Airport... 4 airlines on the blue side and all the others are red. What happened?

It started pouring this morning... I mean really coming down. Ordering Starbucks in the drive-thru left me and my car soaked. The weather cleared up by the afternoon and the Florida sun was shining again.

Today was pretty uneventful, except that Marcel came home!!! A week without him was kinda strange... I kept busy, but at times didn't know what to do with myself.

My horoscope for today:
It's a good time to start a new exercise regimen -- or to intensify the one you already follow. Your physical energy is just right for making a positive difference in your health in some new way.

Healthy Habits

Body Care
Body Brushing - check!
Oil Pulling - check!
Workout/Exercise - check! Primary Back Stretch this morning.

No fruit today!
Veggies - 1 serving today, that's just sad.
Water - check!

Alfalfa: 6 caps
B-12 Plus: 8 sprays



Starbucks Iced Grande Nonfat Vanilla Latte and a (less than) Perfect Oatmeal with a little brown sugar and nut medley.


Leftover Scallops Penne.

I ♥ leftovers!

Then I tried this out...

Tastes like a creamsicle!


Buffalo Wild Wings Naked Tenders with Fries.

As I was eating this I really just wanted some broccoli... this whole lack of fruits and veggie in my diet is killing me. Tomorrow I will go shopping for green monster ingredients and easy veggie meals. Missing my kitchen.

Au revoir!

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