Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Road Trip!!!


The reason for the interruption in blogs is... a Road Trip!

We left Tampa Bay on Saturday the 22nd with a final destination of Austin, Texas. Made it to Austin yesterday a settled in to our hotel (right in the middle of all the action).

I haven't found the time to blog, obviously. Been driving a lot and soaking up the time I have at our few stops along the way. Have lots of great photos to share!

Here's a quick list of my plans for Austin...
  • Eat Texas BBQ!
  • Visit the original Whole Foods
  • Experience the music scene on 6th Street
  • Relax and get some sun at Barton Springs
  • Visit the Austin Museum of Art
  • Shopping! Can't forget to do a little of that on vacation.
  • Concert at the Mohawk on Saturday... Chaos in Tejas with Ume

I will post later to catch you up on my adventures so far, but for now I must seize the day.

Au revoir!

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