Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Red Vel-beet Cupcakes

I discovered this fantastic recipe from the blog Coconut Lime and have been meaning to make them for a while now.

Since it was Independence Day and all, I envisioned making red velvet cupcakes with white creamy frosting and blue sprinkles (the whole red, white and blue theme). This idea was totally spontaneous and I made it to the store around 4pm. Not too many holiday choices for decorating cupcakes, so no sprinkles today.

The cupcakes came out beet-ifully! Not as red as I expected, more on the chocolate side (which is fine by me). No food coloring in this recipe!

Also used her icing recipe, but mine didn't really "thicken" up so I added a bunch of powdered sugar and let it cool. I really try to avoid any store-bought icing (its all filled with chemicals). I don't have a mixer either, which would solve a lot of problems. Hand mixing icing burns some calories.

However, I had success with my handmade icing... the day after it had been sitting in the fridge. (Baking Tip from Lolly: Let cupcakes AND icing completely cool, at least 2 hours, before icing.)

 Tonight I made a new batch and added chocolate chips to 1/2 the batter. Super chocolaty!

 This one has the super creamy cool icing. YUM!

Now that I've eaten a few too many of these creations... it's time for another few sets of Hoe Downs before bed.

Au revoir!

P.S. I plan on doing a 45+ minute T-Tapp workout tomorrow to torch the added sugar from my new cupcake addiction.  Tomorrow is also the last day of the 2010 60-Day T-Tapp Challenge!  I can't wait to see everyone's progress.  Good luck!

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