Wednesday, July 21, 2010

T-Tapp Tweets: Yes Men Can

On Twitter this afternoon I did a search for T-Tapp (of course I have to keep up with the tweets about this fabulous workout!) and found this tweet:

WOW!  A real man will actually TRY the T-Tapp workout, even though it may appear to be feminine.  The T-Tapp workout will help to sculpt any body... a man's or woman's!  From body builders to marathon runners and stay-at-home moms to executive professionals, T-Tapp will give your body a challenging workout.  Not everyone will break down and cry... I feel amazing after my workouts.

Check out some of the men's success stories with before and after photos from last year's 60-Day Challenge. See for yourself how well T-Tapp works for men when they stick to the routine.

Men's Category
Winner Tie: 
Scott C., Harry K.
Runners Up:  John B., Don G.
3rd Place:  Greg S.

Yes, men, you can with T-Tapp!!!

Au revoir!

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