Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Foodie In Motion Launch!

I've been dreaming, brainstorming, and debating for months now on what direction to take this blog, T-Tapp Into Fitness. I love that this blog has been active for 7 years! It shows my history, how much I've grown and changed my ways. Back in 2004 I was eating so much more junk!

People think I blog for the T-Tapp company, but I really just love having this blog as a personal outlet for me to stay motivated and on track with my workouts, healthy habits and creating wellness.  I am a foodie in motion... always balancing my eats with my fitness.

I purchased a new shiny domain name that encompasses my love of fitness and food: FoodieInMotion.com. This blog is transitioning into a new chapter with special features and a redefined focus.  If you haven't noticed, I've already switched to this domain

I considered launching this new project in a fresh blog of its own and keeping T-Tapp Into Fitness as a monument to my blogging history, but then I'd end up rebuilding a lot of the same stuff. In the marketing blog world I read about how switching to a new domain name on an already established Blogger.com blog can mess with the statistics and indexing of the entire site.  With that said, I'm taking the plunge by keeping my existing blog and just switched the domain to FoodieInMotion.com.

Changes I've been thinking about:
  • Not sure if I will continue to post photos of my daily eats or not. Over this past year it's really helped me to see when I needed to improve my eating. It also is very time consuming when it comes to photo editing on my outdated laptop.  However, I may decide to upload all food photos to my Flicker Photostream instead of doing the daily post... or I may do both!  This may result in posts that spotlight new recipes I made during that week.  The only issue I have with this is I need at least 1 photo per post for visual appeal.
  • The recipe section is something I want to build up with beautiful photographs that are appetizing to my readers. I plan on coming up with a few of my own in addition to recipe reviews.
  • Refocus on movement. I want my readers to learn about the T-Tapp program, because it is the most phenomenal exercise program I've discovered. The T-Tapp techniques can be applied to all forms of exercise to increase overall results, hold the body in proper alignment and prevent injury. T-Tapp is powerful on its own. I love movement and exercise. Yet I find myself wanting to learn and soak up as much as I possibly can when it comes to exercise and fitness. Yoga is at the top of my list for other workouts to try, but I'd also like to explore Pilates and add in a more core-building exercises to my routine.
  • More articles written about health, wellness, fitness and foods.

I hope you enjoy my blog and the new features coming your way.  Send some love and leave a comment.

Au revoir!

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