Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Deep Discount Tuesday! Great Offer!

Deep Discount Tuesday is September 21st!
The special this month for 24 hours only is...

Pyruvyl Glycine + B-12 Plus Spray Combo for only $35.00 + free shipping (this item only)!  That's a savings of more than $25.00 on these fabulous nutritional products.  Such a great deal today!


Look on page 2 for the Deep Discount Tuesday logo above.

Why I love these products and use them daily:

Pyruvyl Glycine works like magic for a natural boost of energy and endurance to push through a tough workout or a swamped afternoon at the office.   Burn 48% more fat, lose 47% more weight, and offset those simple carbs (even without exercise) by using T-Tapp's Pyruvyl Glycine!  This proprietary formula contains over 27 years of clinical research showing that pyruvyl-glycine is up to 200% more effective than regular pyruvate.  Maximize your workout with endurance and fat loss by boosting your body's Krebs cycle.  Pyruvyl Glycine does not stimulate the nervous system or increase heart rate or blood pressure at all.  Flavored with natural raspberry, you can use all day!  All ingredients are 100% natural and non-toxic.  Pyruvyl Glycine is great during the holiday season to burn off those extra holiday party calories!
B-12 Plus gives an energy boost too, but contains folic acid and grapeskin extract (great for the skin!). Stress depletes the body of B vitamins as well as computers, fluorescent lighting and heat, but with only 3 sprays at 10 am and 3 sprays at 2 pm you'll be able to maintain B's in your body with energy all day. Spray for extra energy whenever needed. B-12 Plus doesn't stimulate the nervous system and is non-toxic.  Last of all, most "dark circles" under the eye are from B deficiency. B12 seems to help reverse dark circles within 2-3 weeks of daily usage.  All ingredients are 100% natural.  Great for vegetarians too!

I'm off to spray my PG and B-12 right now!  I give these to products some credit for helping me quit the expensive habit of daily Starbucks lattes.  Don't even need the caffeine or hardly yawn (painful for TMJ) these days either.  My energy comes from nutrients... without the crash!

Au revoir!

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