Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Progress Report + 40-Day Game Plan

This morning I decided to take progress photos and measurements. *gasp!*

As you can see, not much really changed.  I take that as a good thing because I did eat a lot of treats over the past month and my workouts weren't as consistent or long as they should have been.  I was able to maintain my size and not gain more than a quarter inch!

Accidental shot!
However, I know I can do better than this and will be getting serious about my fitness this month.  Need to step it up to be in the best shape of my life when I turn 30 in January (and be strong for the Retreat in October).  Overall I'm happy with my body, but would like to burn off a few more inches from my hips and thighs, as always.  (Because of my body type - Long Torso/Short Leg - those are the first place the inches come back!)

I plan on taking progress pictures and measurements on the 1st of each month from now on.  You'll see my first update with comparison photos on October 1st.  I took these myself with a timer and no makeup on.  T-Tappers who have participated in any T-Tapp challenge understand the progress pictures.  Yes, they are daunting.  I don't really want to know what my backside looks like, but now that I do... let me tell you, it's a motivator!

I'm going to do a 40 day game plan with a spreadsheet to keep me accountable.  It helps if I have something to check off, like with T'appy Holidays.

{ click image to enlarge }
The Annual T-Tapp Fitness Retreat starts on October 7th.  For the last 3 days of the challenge I will be working out sporadically when I can squeeze it in at the event.

During this plan I'm going to focus on:
  • Doing a full workout (30+ minutes) every other day
  • Doing a mini workout, or at least a few moves, on the days in between
  • Body brushing twice a day (morning and evening)
  • Magnesium Oil foot soaks (about 20 minutes) for 10 days straight, then every other day 
  • Sea salt baths (about 20 minutes) for 5 days straight, then every other day
  • Daily supplements - the ones listed here make such a difference for me! Alfalfa: 6 caps, B-12 Plus: 8 sprays, Cellfood: 8 drops, Immune Boost: 1 dropper, Pyruvyl Glycine: 12 sprays, Vitamin D3: 8 sprays
  • Drinking at least 8, 8 oz glasses of water a day.  Hydration is SO important!
  • In addition I'm still wanting to work on Spa Days @ Home, Eat Stop Eat, practicing EFT daily and a trip to the sauna every Wednesday (except today because of the Tears for Fears concert tonight). See this post for details.

Wish me luck, friends.  And stay tuned for updates!

Au revoir!

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