Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 T-Tapp Retreat: Day 2

Annette and Jennifer with Joan
from Health And Wisdom
Did I mention the Retreat is like a T-Tapp Reunion?  This photo catches the excitement of a few of my favorite ladies thrilled to be together again for the weekend.

Meal time was done a bit differently this year, we did it Beauty Boot Camp style... instead of on-your-own with only one big meal on Friday night we enjoyed lunch and dinner together on Friday and Saturday with a guest speaker afterward.  It worked out perfectly.  We got to sit at different tables each time and socialize with everyone.  Plus, listening and learning as we digested the delicious spa food was quite nice.

Friday's speakers included...

Shelly Ballestero (lunch seminar): presented on skin care.  Your skin tells a story!  She gave us a few DIY recipes for skin care and educated us about chemical ingredients in our products.

Julie Brannon (dinner seminar): presented on Earth's medicine and key nutrients for great health.

Teresa Tapp did a seminar on Cellulite and Products.  Did you know your big toe is connected to your belly? Lift your big toe to feel the activation in your tummy.  And our Grapefruit Essential Oil is produced from Florida Grapefruit!  How cool is that?

Renee McLaughlin and Lisa Moretti: presented on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and taught us how to use it for exercise consistency.  They're both EFT certified and shared their knowledge with us on how to use this simple, yet powerful tool.

My Workouts
There were 4 workouts on Friday. 
I was able to do the Progressive Basic Super Slow class + the Hoe Down Showdown (10 sets!).

Friday, October 8th Eats


Starbucks Iced Grande Green Tea and Bacon, Egg and Cheese.


Chicken with Sweet & Sour Sauce, Green Beans and Red Potatoes.

Tomato Bisque.

 Bread with Butter.

Coffee with Cream and Sugar.


White Bean Soup, 2-for-1 Cab.

Salmon, Salad, Grilled Veggies, Pita.

Minted Berries with Fresh Cream.

Would you like some berries with your cream?

It was a fabulous day at the T-Tapp Retreat...

Au revoir!

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