Wednesday, February 7, 2007

February 7th: Off Day


BW (10 reps)

Brush: yes

Alfalfa (6 caps): 3
Water (8 glasses, 8 ounces each): 4

FOOD: GM day
B-fast: spiru-tein shake with 2% milk
Lunch: baked salmon, salad with lite ceasar dressing
Snack (not all at the same time): low-fat string cheese, slice of Boar's Head roast beef, 1 cup of chocolate soy milk (craving it!)
Dinner: curry chicken with brocolli and green peas (homemade, no noodles or rice)

Like a slacker! I haven't done anything since my bootcamp. I haven't measured either. I was sooo tired after doing 7 days in a row! That I took a day off completely and that lead to the next and the next. The longer I go without exercising, the worse I feel (and look). I don't know why I always do this. I get motivated, then one day off leads to another and I'm back at square one. I have to admit, my life has been a bit crazy lately with all this interviewing for an intership, college homework, putting together my 80's rollerskating party and trying to take care of day-to-day stuff (the kitchen is finally clean).

I need to start another BC and the GM/MM plan. This time it's a 4-day BC with TI. Today I only got through the BW because of my super busy schedule. I've been craving Step Away the Inches recently, so I think I'm going to purchase that DVD tomorrow and work it into my routine.

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