Thursday, January 10, 2008

ACE 2008 Fitness Trend Predictions

Check these out!

T-Tapp can be classified into:
  • Body Weight and Equipment-Free Workouts - all you need is your body, a pair of sneakers and your TV with DVD or VHS player
  • Event or Sports-Specific Programming - T-Tapp helps to improve overall body conditioning including endurance, strength, stamina and flexibility
  • Boomer Fitness Focus - there are plenty of Boomer babes in the best shape of their lives thanks to T-Tapp
  • Total Wellness Programming - this is what T-Tapp is all about, preventative wellness fitness!
  • Hybrid Programming - T-Tapp combines strength, flexibility and endurance for an all-in-one exercise experience
  • Personal Training - T-Tapp Trainers are the best!
Go T-Tapp!