Friday, February 1, 2008

January 2008 Results

  • Lost another 0.25 in my abs - yay!
  • My legs are perfectly even now - awesome!
Total lost: 4.25
Total gain: 1 (not worried about this area anyway)
Total change: 3.25


I lost a total of 7 inches!! Super Awesome! T-Tapp works wonders. I even took 5 consecutive days off for my slacker birthday celebration - ate all the cupcakes and carbs I wanted - and STILL lost inches!

I'm at 71% for reaching my goal of post-Safety Harbor size. Just need to lose another inch off hips and abs and a quarter inch off each upper thigh - that's it! Not really worried about the other areas. I never added Diva Derriere or Organs in Place to my routine, but I will for the next week. Let's see if I can reach my goal.