Friday, February 29, 2008

Muscle Activation by Lani Muelrath

I received [ Lani's FitDream eZine ] First Edition yesterday. She wrote a really intriguing article about T-Tapp and the muscle activation research she's been working on. Check it out...

Things are really cooking in T-Tapp classes at San Francisco State University - in the workouts as well as the laboratory!

As you may know, I am working with the Kinesiology Department Senior Research Seminar group at San Francisco State University while also teaching T-Tapp classes there for students and staff.

Exciting preliminary results - DIRECTLY related to your experience! T-Tapp alignment principles and isometric isolation techniques create a significantly deeper energy demand than similar exercises done WITHOUT attention to T-Tapp principles. OK, you knew it all along, but to a teacher like me, so exciting to see those graphs going wild in the lab!

And we didn't just go by "feel" - we utilized technical lab equipment for analysis. Specifically, yours truly underwent a batter of tests utilizing, electro-myography, or EMG (see image). This utilized placement of electrodes at specific muscle fiber points in the body. Here's how the testing for me was set up:

I was "linked up" with electrodes at 4 specific sites: biceps, rhomboids, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Then I performed 4 reps of various exercises, in a "traditional" fashion, then with T-Tapp forms. Specifically, I performed bicep curls, side lunges, side leg lifts (T-Tapp Balance sequence) and triceps kick-backs. The repetitions performed with T-Tapp principles of alignment and isometric isolation proved performance at significantly higher muscle activation and recruitment than those without implementation of same!

What are the implications of this for you? You can be confident that by utilizing the T-Tapp instructions of functional alignment and isometric isolations that you are indeed creating a greater metabolic workload, increased calorie consumption, and comprehensive training! This means less workout time, more out of what you do, and increased benefit of time spent. All features I love about T-Tapp!

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Lani said...

Hi Casey!

I LOVE your blog pages! Full of personality and style, just like you.

I'm thrilled that you posted my article in your blog! Thanks for reading my eZine and I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Did you take your snapshot yourself? Adorable!