Thursday, October 9, 2008

Safety Harbor Retreat 2008

Wow... what a weekend! I had a lot of fun seeing everyone and meeting some new faces to put with the voices I've been talking to over the years. The event was filled with an amazing energy this year.

The T-Tapp staff got the honors of measuring all the attendees this year. Personally I think it's more fun that we because we got a lot more interaction with clients. It was helpful for them to also know who we were in case they needed something during the event too.

The theme this year was about internal muscle activation and application to daily movement for maximum results. I think Dr. Joan said it best during the meet and greet introductions: "Core exercise is the key to health." That's what T-Tapp does... builds the core for a strong foundation and improved health, wellness and fitness for rehabilitation and prevention. Hearing the fabulous success stories during the introductions were so inpiring. Many of the attendees won a place in the 60-Day Challenge and were able to come for their first time. We even had some T-Tappers from the UK and Germany! After the introductions we had the Special international guest speaker/singer, Gemma, sing to us. It was a beautiful performance!

The opening night the T-Tapp staff wore the new Orthotebb flip flops to try them out. They really do work your legs. Trust me... we were all so sore the next day! It was hard to do the T-Tapp Workouts. I managed to get in the first workout of the day (Total Workout through Lunges) and part of the Finger & Foot Fitness routine. Check out that sole! We all were rockin' and rollin' like little geisha.

I learned that Finger & Foot Fitness is so important, even if you don't have issues with your extremities. Teresa said that the feet are the foundation for the whole body and foot fitness is all about the arch support by your own muscles and gaining the ability to move toes in your shoes. Activating the toes in your shoes the right way (push KLT, press down little toes and ball joint, lift big toe, evenly distribute weight) will help you lose inches faster with the workout. So I'm going to try to fit this one in to my weekly routine. It feels fabulous too!

Friday night was our Group Buffet Dinner (delicious!) followed by a presentation by Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy. They made us all laugh a little.

Saturday I did most of the Fab 4 Workout with Step Away the Inches/T-Tapp Broom. It's a killer routine.

That night we had the fabulous coffee/dessert bar at the Spa and surprised Jennifer with a Baby's R Us gift card. She was VERY surprised!

After coffee Dr. Drew Karp did a presentation on Medicine of the Future – The function of how Vibrational Therapy enhances assimilation of nutritional needs, levels of hydration, as well as destruction of fungal, viral, and bacterial issues. Dr. Drew was so kind to take the time to give each and every one of us the chance to do a vibrational analysis. It was quite an interesting process and the results made lots of sense to me. I got a set of the vibrational bands that he created and have been wearing them ever since. Check out his website:

After the presentation Teresa chose winners for our Raffle for Research. I won a bottle of red zinfandel with two T-Tapp embossed wine glasses. Yay!

The next morning we did final measurements for everyone. Many lost over 8 inches during the event! I lost about 1 comprehensively, but that's cool with me.

Overall it was a great experience and I'm really looking forward to the 2009 Annual T-Tapp Retreat.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your detailed posting on the retreat! I was not able to make it and that was really disappointing...but it was great to see your pictures and read about what happened!


Anonymous said...

Okay, what "pray tell" is the FAB 4 workout?

BTW, the inch loss at the retreat is quite a testimony! CG

Casey Leigh said...

The FAB 4 is... Primary Back Stretch, T-Tapp Twist, Hoe Downs, Thread the Needle.

Check out this post from the T-Tapp Forums: »-(¯`v´¯)-» Fab 4 Friday »-(¯`v´¯)-».