Friday, December 26, 2008

60-Day Challenge Evaluation

I've completed 10 days of my 60-day Challenge. So far I think I've done pretty well. I got it 5 straight days of BPT, took one day off, did one more BPT and the next day did Shannon's Total Workout Certification class, following day did Tempo 2 (8 reps) and took one day off (Christmas). I've almost stuck with my original game plan. AND the most important part is that I've been more consistent with exercise that I have in the past 2 months.

I measured this morning and probably shouldn't have. Basically been in a Bootcamp and not too happy with my results at this point. I lost 1 inch above my bust and everywhere else is either the same as Day 1 or 0.25 bigger... probably due to the sweet holiday treats. So I need to keep doing what I'm doing and cut the sweets.

Now I'm going to switch to Step 3 of my original game plan: Continue with a full workout 3-4 times per week. I want to start working in TLB, LBW and the new Critter Crunch.

I got the 2009 Women's Health Total Fitness Guide book in the mail this week. It's full of some really good information (except I don't do gyms). They had some fitness tests to do and I fall into the "aspiring" category for all of them, which means I'm pretty weak right now. That's just more motivation to get to it.

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