Sunday, June 7, 2009

End of the Week

Friday, June 5th

I did BPT and then had a massage this morning. Bliss!

Unfortunately by the end of the day I was having one of those headaches that totally clouds my thinking. Major jaw pain and lack of energy. Despite drinking a ton of water. Not fun.

After work I recycled... for 30 minutes! My car was completely full. I should seriously take a picture next time so you can see how much stuff I saved from the landfill. A woman with her dog showed up while I was recycling and said, "There's something therapeutic about breaking the glass bottles, isn't there?" I replied, "Yes!", and continued to throw them in.

By the time I got home I was exhausted. So instead of going out, we walked to the little market in our neighborhood and bought a white spinach pizza, mac n' cheese and beer. Caroline came to sleep over so I could drive her to the airport at 5:30am on Saturday. We played the Wii, watched some funny YouTube videos and I worked online for a while.

Saturday, June 6th

Oh, the weather really is starting to get to me. It was literally POURING when we got up around 5am. We both were soaked within seconds of leaving my place. She made it to the airport on time and I crawled back into bed for a few hours.

Breakfast was a wine glass full of fresh carrot juice and a boiled egg. Yum!

Marcel and I made a special trip to the Publix Greenwise market in Hyde Park. I absolutely LOVE that place! We stocked up on all the good stuff for the week.

For lunch I made my first attempt at hummus. Forgot the lemon juice, but it was still pretty good! I followed Angela's (Oh She Glows) 50 Cent Hummus recipe. We ate all of it with Parmesan Pita Chips and fresh sliced green pepper. I will definitely be trying this again in the near future... with lemon juice and more garlic.

I ate homemade "fried" rice with extra egg, plus peas and carrots with green onion for dinner. (Not really fried rice, just cooked rice with everything added in.) Then made some carrot muffins from the leftover pulp. Recycling at its best!

No real exercises today... just walked the pup.

Sunday, June 7th

Laziest of lazy Sundays. Love it! I think we watched about 5 Netflix movies today. New record!

I did BPT again today + Diva Derriere. What a great little workout! I will add in the arms tomorrow.

For breakfast I ate a carrot muffin with lowfat plain yogurt and 1/2 banana. I snacked on some Snapea Crisps (so good). Had some fresh Florida watermelon as a snack. Then for lunch cooked a Morningstar Farms tomato basil pizza burger with 1/4 avocado, red onion, slice of sharp cheddar and fresh spinach (no bread).

It's raining again. Good night!

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