Sunday, July 12, 2009

End of the Week Wrap Up

Check out this monster of a boat I was on this weekend!

Thursday, July 9th
Appointments today. Didn't get in my workout. SO tired!

Friday, July 10th
Worked all day... then got ready and had a Girls Night Out at Channelside in Tampa.

Saturday, July 11th
Got home late... slept in late. Spent the whole day running errands (with puppy in tow). Went to the dump and dropped off a whole bunch of household stuff that couldn't be thrown away, recycled, bought a new vacuum, picked up some groceries, etc, etc. Then went home to clean the apartment. What fun... *rolls eyes*. It feels good to have a clean place, but I was exhausted by end of day. Guess that kind of counts as a workout, right?

Sunday, July 12th
This was my FUN in the SUN day! We went out on the boat again. It was a gorgeous day! Sunny with a breeze. I love getting out on the water. Actually went swimming this time too. We motored over to Three Rooker Bar, a small island off of the Pinellas County coast. You would not believe how beautiful it is! We anchored the boat close to shore and swam about 25 feet until we could walk the rest of the way onto the beach. I got some sun too, despite wearing sunscreen. I always forget to re-apply. We hung out there all day until the sun went down. Such a fabulous way to end the week!

I'm counting all that swimming as a workout!

Here are some more photos...

Catamaran turned motorboat.

That's me enjoying the view from the Captain's deck.

Grilling up some chicken for lunch.

The beautiful sunset on the horizon!

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