Friday, August 7, 2009

Latte-less for 2 weeks!

I can't believe that I haven't had a cup of coffee or a latte in 2 weeks!!! This hasn't happened in years. My last Starbucks (iced grande nonfat vanilla latte) was July 24th... and before that I don't even remember.

I started drinking coffee consistently in 2002 after my first car accident. Why? Because I was completely exhausted all the time and kept yawning, which really hurts my jaw (major TMJ going on over here). My mom and I used to go to this little coffee joint on Drew Street in Clearwater. I remember the first cup I had... it was exhilaratingly good and I was wired for hours. Since then I got addicted to Starbucks. Seriously. So much so that I was spending almost $100 a month on lattes!!! When I reviewed my spending to make a new budget I realized how much money I was throwing down the drain. And then I switched to brewing coffee at home and using the office one-cup coffee maker (not great since it filters hot coffee through plastic).

One of the main reasons why I stopped drinking coffee is because I found out that it offsets all of the natural supplements I've been taking. All these years in the health industry and I never knew that! Stimulants, like coffee, stop natural supplements from working. That's probably why I could drink a few cups a day, workout and take all my vitamins, but still be tired.

Retro Humor Coffee Magnets

Gotta love the retro humor and art! Cheers to having natural energy and spending less money on coffee. I'm proud of myself!

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