Friday, September 25, 2009

T-Tapp Angels & Gifting Fitness

This morning I got a call from a T-Tapper that wanted to be a "T-Tapp Angel" for a woman on the Forums. This woman really wanted to attend a T-Tapp fitness event in her area, but did not have the money to go. She wrote a post that caught this T-Tapp Angel's eye and she decided that she had to help this woman and brighten her day.

I called the woman from the Forum and told her that a T-Tapp Angel would like to pay for her to attend the fitness event. At first she asked if I was joking. When I explained that I was serious she started crying... tears of joy! She could not believe that someone would be so generous to purchase a fitness event anonymously for her. The woman wanted to thank her T-Tapp Angel personally, but I told her the person preferred to stay anonymous and advised her to post her "thank you" on the Forum for the T-Tapp Angel to see. The woman asked me to thank her T-Tapp Angel from the bottom of her heart. She was so excited, happy, shocked and overjoyed that she could attend the event since she's been in sort of a fitness rut and really needed the motivation and inspiration from a Trainer.

I love that T-Tappers have such huge hearts, are so generous, caring and helpful! This was a wonderful story and really touched MY heart. Just thought I'd share!

Enjoy your weekend and do a good deed to cheer up a stranger. Smile and make someone's day!

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Jackie said...

Wow now that is a true 'angel' someone who only wanted to help someone in need...

Thanks for posting such a great story..