Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner

I actually woke up in time this morning to do Basic Plus Tempo. Gotta say that I love that little routine. Even though my back was super stiff when I started, I felt a whole lot better after the 18 minutes of T-Tapp exercise. Then I body brushed and got ready for work.

8:20am: Purple Monster

  • organic blueberries
  • fresh banana
  • fresh spinach
  • organic flax seeds
  • original Almond Breeze
  • scoop of organic peanut butter

I love the peanut butter in this! So good.

8:30am: coffee with original Almond Breeze/a little sugar

11:10am: Bay Coast iced medium nonfat vanilla latte

Next time I will skip the vanilla syrup... way too sweet!

1:00pm: leftover beans and rice (same ingredients as last night)

Afternoon Supplements:
Alfalfa: 3 caps
Priority Women's Complete Multi: 2 caps

I keep forgetting my supplements at home!

I'm excited to start Lani's T'appy Holidays! Just for the fact that it's all about trying to do your best with consistency on taking care of yourself with daily movement, brushing and healthy eating. I already try to do all of that, but T'appy Holidays will keep me even more accountable than my little blog. Just for the fact of all the support and involvement with other T-Tappers... it's going to be great!

We had more trick-or-treaters come by the office today! Here's little Caylee...

Isn't she cute?! Love the Ladybug costume.

4:10pm: organic gala apple

4:50pm: chocolate mint

Hey, I avoided all the Halloween candy at least.

I came home to this beautiful box...

I got the new Jus!

This is the new formula too. It's more potent, but even better for you. More on this later...

7:45pm: 2 scrambled eggs with Cabot 50% reduced fat cheddar, spinach and 2 slices of Ezekiel bread with a little butter

I was looking back on my blog today. Can't believe that I started this blog in 2003! Six years later... here I am. It's neat to see how the blog has evolved over the years. My very first posts were very to the point without any photos or exciting stuff. Years 2005 and 2006 were scarce with posts (not really sure why now), but I really started putting in a lot more effort in 2007.

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