Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

As I promised myself I woke up early and worked out. I did Tempo 2 this morning. Killer.

Now I'm starving!

9:40am: coffee with original Almond Breeze/a little sugar, egg and cheese on English muffin

I really need some cute new plates!

Off to get ready and body brush. I'm going to get my hair styled for tonight!

11:45am: organic yellow gala apple

2:45pm: chicken philly with spinach

Marcel's choice for lunch. :)

3:20pm: 8oz fresh carrot juice


7:00pm: shrimp, veggies and pasta with Parmesan cheese

Now it's time to party!

We're hardcore punk rockers this year! Haha. I wish I got a full length shot.

Marcel's hair took about an hour to glue up into spikes. Crazy, but totally worth it.

The Girls!
Kristy, Caroline, Lauren, Me & Jessica

The Boys
Elliot, Chase & Marcel


She looks just like her!

I steered clear of the Hunch Punch this year. A very wise decision on my part. That stuff is serious!

9:30pm-1:30am: 3 Jack's Pumpkin Spice beers, 1 tiny shot of J├Ąger and sugar free Red Bull (yuck)

11:50pm: small bag of peanut M&M's

Me & Caroline

Me & Jessica, the host, as Flo the Progressive Insurance girl

Me & La as 80s Prom Queen

Such a fun night!

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