Monday, February 1, 2010

Rain Clouds and Waffles

{ art by lunia pilot }

Today's Workout:

I was going to workout with Margie this morning, but she caught a cold AND had to get an adjustment today so she's taking a few days off.

This evening: Primary Back Stretch + body brushing.

Will get back on track with a morning workout, promise.

Today's Food Log:


Green Monster (1/2 Banana, 2 cups Spinach, 1 cup Original Almond Breeze, 1 Tbsp Organic Flax, 1 tsp Bee Pollen), Coffee with Original Almond Breeze/sugar.


The last of the Couscous Tabbouleh and MorningStar Farms "Buffalo Wings".

Not my kind of chicken...


Organic Gala Apple.


Organic Chicken Chili and Saltine Crackers.


Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Coconut Waffle.

The highlight of my day... yum!

This weather is dreary... looks like rain all week long...

Today's Supplements:

Alfalfa: 6 caps
Cellfood: 8 drops
Emergen-C: 1 packet
Jus: 1 ounce
nutraMetrix® Isotonix® Calcium Complete: 2 servings
nutraMetrix® Glucosatrin® Bone & Joint Formula: 3 caps

Au revoir!

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