Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello Sun Rise!

Yes, I sometimes take photos while driving at 60+ mph.

Healthy Habits

Body Care
Oil Pulling - check!
Body Brushing - check!
Workout - check! I did Ladybug Workout Standing this morning with Margie.

I skipped the sauna today. Could not imagine getting in there when I was already sweating, but you know what... I should have done it anyway.

Water - check! Drank more than 2 liters today. I need more Kangen water! Planning on getting a few smaller gallon or 3 gallon sized jugs this week.
Veggies - check! 5 servings today.
Fruits - check! 3 servings today.

Besides the taco shells I ate at lunch everything else was in line with T-Tapp's God-made Man-made Dietary Guidelines. I did pretty darn good on eating clean today. Will try to move back to more of my healthy eating habits this week... and hopefully get my hands on a blender!

Alfalfa - 1/2 a check! Need to get back into my supplement routine. Only got in 3 caps today.
Natural Calm - Raspberry Lemon - check! 1 tsp for now... working my way back up to a full serving.



Organic Romaine.

Yes, just romaine... munched on in the car while on the way to drop Marcel off at the airport. I am seriously (and I mean seriously) missing my Green Monsters!!! He's visiting with his sister and family in Georgia for the rest of the week. Roxy was begging - literally - for some romaine centers. She loves crunching on them. (Don't tell her, but I'm pretty sure she thinks that it's a "treat"!)

It was an early morning for me!!! I was up by 5:30am. Before the sun! Don't know how other people do that all the time. Ah-hem, Jeanne among other Daybreak Divas! I'd have to be in bed before 10pm to be able to get up this early. Although the traffic wasn't bad at all... that's a plus. AND I got to watch the sun rise... love that!

Still in need of real substance I stopped at Jamba Juice for a blended breakfast.

Bright Eyed and Blueberry 16 oz Smoothie.

Steel-cut Oats topped with Fresh Banana and Cinnamon Brown Sugar for $2 extra on Tuesdays!

Hands down this oatmeal beats the Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal!


Marcel's leftover tacos. These things were HUGE! I stuffed some more of that organic romaine in the tacos and dipped them in guac and a little queso.


Fried Egg (in EVOO) on 1/2 Ezekiel English Muffin with more Organic Romaine.

I spent the evening doing what I've been doing for the past two weeks -- cleaning and organizing my stuff. Stuff, Stuff, STUFF!!! It's taking over the planet. Ever see The Story of Stuff? You should check it out.

Well, it's now past 11pm and I'm hungry again... go figure. Time to drink some Natural Calm, water and get some beauty rest. Working out again (or trying to) with Margie in the morning.

Au revoir!

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