Saturday, July 24, 2010

Green Smoothie Power

The weekend is here everyone!  I'm posting late night...



I attempted a real green drink this morning -- no almond milk, bananas or yogurt. Missed the protein though.  Maybe I should add nuts next time?

Ingredients: 2 cups organic mixed greens, 1/2 cucumber, 2 stalks organic celery, slice of fresh ginger, 1 chopped organic gala apple, 1-2 cups alkaline water, and a splash of OJ.

My blender filled the entire jug.  My tummy could only handle 1/2 of it!  Saved the rest for later.


Teresa brought us some fresh hummus and crackers to snack on.  Thanks T!

I heated up a bit of last night's leftovers.

And made 1/2 cucumber feta sandwich.

Then I enjoyed 3 of these little chocolates for dessert...


When I got home from work I made 2 of these cheddar and turkey roll ups. Yum!


Wild Sockeye Salmon, Brown Rice and Organic Zucchini, and a glass of pinot noir.

That's Roxy's food on the left.  She gets a watered down version of what I eat.

And I had 2 squares of this chocolate... none for Rox.

Several hours later Marcel had a craving for pizza, so we went to Westshore Pizza and picked up a few slices.  I ate about 1/2 of one... it was so good!

Healthy Habits

Fruits: 1 serving
Veggies: 6 servings
Water: 1.5 liters
Body Care
Body Brushing & Magnesium Oil: check! 
Oil Pulling: skipped... need more oil. 
Exercise: Tempo 2!  Had a great workout tonight and have a feeling I'm going to experience "muscle awareness" tomorrow.

Alfalfa: 6 caps
B-12 Plus: 4 sprays
Vitamin D3: 8 sprays

On the agenda this weekend:
  • SHADOWSELF @ Market on 7th in Ybor Saturday night.
  • Farmer's market either Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon... and make some fresh recipes from my goodies!
  • Enjoy the weather and a spa day at home.
  • Wash and dry the Rox.
  • Lots of stuff to do around the apartment.
  • And I still have to return some stuff... been putting it off for a while.

Starting to get really sleepy...

Au revoir!

P.S. I made it all week without coffee or lattes! Plus, I didn't eat breakfast out once... and lunch only once! Well, twice if you count my Greek salad on Sunday.  Next on my agenda... reducing sugar once again.

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