Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sweetness of Sustainability

{ Caylee & Roxy with super tongue! }

So many fun photos, so little time!  In serious need of a laptop makeover over here... editing photos takes f-o-r-e-v-a!!!

That has to be the craziest Roxy photo this week.  This morning Jen stopped by the T-Tapp office with her adorable kids, Conner and Caylee.  Roxy loves any creatures about her size and adored sweet Caylee...and she squealed with delight over the pup.

Previous Caylee posts: Welcome Caylee Dakota! and Caylee's First Day at T-Tapp.

I can't help myself, she is just too cute.  

 { Me & Caylee }

That's me half asleep and half way blinking to the double-flash of my camera.  Don't you love her little dress?

{ La & Caylee }

This photo looks like Caylee has sold La on the power of Fibertox!

In other news... 
I'm proud to say that I've skipped Starbucks and any coffee this week, for that matter!

It's not that I don't want to drink a latte... it's that I don't need to and I recognize that.  IMO the benefits of skipping it outweigh picking up the expensive habit and having to detox all over again.  I'm giving myself a pat on the back for this one. Will take it one week at a time and focus on why I'm initiating this change in the first place.



1 Scrambled Egg with BVI Seasoning and 1/2 a Florida Ruby Red Grapefruit.

Later in the morning... Whole Banana with Organic PB.


Finished off about 1/2 of this salad.  I missed the tomatoes and olives!


Single Serving Granola.


I'm also proud of the dinner I made tonight. 100% organic and sustainable!

Fresh Wild and Sustainably Harvested Sockeye Salmon was on sale...

I picked up Organic Green Beans and already had some Organic Red Quinoa on hand.

I made a paste with Organic Garlic, Ginger and EVOO, then rubbed it on the top side of the filet.  In the skillet I added a splash of OJ, Organic Soy Saunce and Organic Green Onions.  Placed the filet face down and cooked for about 10 minutes.  It turned out juicy and with amazing flavor!

Delish!  And I have more for tomorrow... might have to stock up on this while it's on sale.

Oh, and I can't forget the wine!  Trinity Oaks Pinot Noir ...

I bought a bottle of wine and planted a tree at the same time.  How cool is that?

I feel incredible after that amazing meal!

Healthy Habits

Fruits: 2 servings
Veggies: 4 servings
Water: 60 oz of my Lifefactory bottle!
Body Care
Body Brushing & Magnesium Oil: check!
Exercise: Primary Back Stretch and Hoe Downs.

I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day.  I'm going to have to start my early bird routine again!  Must get in a morning workout... looking forward to it, actually.  I plan on waking up with a smile and energy to stretch and move my body in preparation for a Fabulous Friday.

Alfalfa: 6 caps
B-12 Plus: 4 sprays
Vitamin D3: 8 sprays

Off to enjoy the rest of my evening...

Au revoir!

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