Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Moon Diet

The Moon Rules Cancer by Johfra Bosschart

My mom has studied astrology for years and I find it fascinating. She can tell me things based on the current planetary alignment and my natal chart (where the planets were when I was born) that make a lot of sense with what's happening or on the horizon at the time. I really appreciate having this insight and intellect in my life!  It's like getting advice from the cosmos.  Yesterday I read an email from her that included a link to a video by Rose Astrology about the New Moon in Cancer on July 11, 2010. This new moon is also a solar eclipse, which means the power of the moon's effects on us is about tenfold.  The moon actually rules the sign of Cancer also, which involves emotions, feelings, nurturing.  The video (linked above) discusses being in the present moment and focusing on how you feel, then nurturing yourself and others around you.  It's a good time to take care of our bodies, minds and spirits and be kind to one another.


As I was stumbling around the internet today I discovered the Moon Diet.  It's not really a "diet" at all, but a short-term 24-hour liquid fast.  Mainly focusing on drinking pure water and also freshly squeeze vegetable juice.  On the T-Tapp Forums I've been reading the Nutrition/Diet section and all of the Eat Stop Eat (ESE) posts and to me the premise of the Moon Diet is pretty similar to ESE in the respect that you take one day to allow your body to cleanse and detoxify itself with fluids.  Only the Moon Diet follows the cycles of the moon.

Excerpt from
Centuries ago people associate the Moon with magic, space, romance and cyclic patterns. It is scientifically proven, when the Moon enters into a new lunar phase, a change occurs in the geomagnetic field of the Earth. The moon affects tides, the growth of plants, the breeding of the animals, and strongly effects the emotional and physical state of humans.
The lunar diet at full moon and new moon, 24 hours moon diet, or the three-day moon diet, each of these diets related to the lunar calendar, could help to regulate and maintain your normal weight or to clean your body.

( is a pretty neat little site, btw.)

I've been seriously considering trying out ESE for the detoxification and health benefits.  Lately I've felt like I need to detoxify regularly to feel healthy (ie: sauna sessions, alkaline water, T-Tapp workouts, body brushing, oil pulling, massage, cleaner eating).  The more of those things I do, the better I feel.  So I think it's a good time for me to start! At least I'll try it out and see if it helps me.  Now I just need to purchase the ESE e-book (highly recommended on the T-Tapp Forum for success and better understanding behind the science of the program), alkaline water and organic veggies.

Au revoir!

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