Friday, July 16, 2010

Power of Magnesium Oil

I finally broke down and bought some Magnesium Oil.  It's about time!  This product is amazing. It was just what I was missing in my routine.

Magnesium is such an important part of overall health.  It helps with improving a large variety of ailments.  Here's the brochure I received with my gallon that lists conditions that Magnesium Oil will help.

Unlike magnesium supplements, you don't have to digest the oil.  (Digesting magnesium is the super slow way to get your levels up.  You could take it every day for 5 years and your levels still wouldn't be up!)  Instead you apply the oil topically and do foot or bath soaks for about 20 minutes.  Last night I did my first foot soak.  My feet were tingling by the end and I felt really relaxed.  It was good to unwind and get my magnesium levels up!  I'm going to apply it to the bottoms of my feet (and anywhere else that aches) in the morning, then aim for a foot soak in the evening.

This is really incredible stuff!  It takes out my pain/soreness within minutes.  I can't believe how fast it works.  I must have been really deficient even though I've been trying to take Natural Calm before bed lately.

I'm making Magnesium Oil a part of my healthy habits!  You should too.

Contact Joan over at Health and Wisdom to place your order or ask any questions.  Joan did a presentation at a T-Tapp Retreat a few years ago and we all learned so much from her.  She's a great resource of health-related information.

Maybe the Magnesium Oil has something to do with my happy mood over the past few days?  I think so!

Au revoir!

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