Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's Friday!!

Technically, Saturday now...

For some reason this seemed like a really long week to me and I'm excited about this weekend!  Tonight I met up with Lolly and Michael at Lucky's Sports Bar and then we relocated to the 8th Avenue Pub.  That place was packed!!! (Apparently it's the 3rd Friday celebration in Safety Harbor.)

I have no definite plans for tomorrow or Sunday, but I have a long list of things I want and need to do...

Want to do: Go to the beach, the park for a picnic, create art, visit the farmer's market, take a salt bath, watch True Blood Season 2.

Need to do: Food shopping, laundry, recycle, buy a vacuum, drop off donations to Good Will, return clothes, clean my car.

We'll see how much actually gets accomplished in my { weekend } post on Sunday evening.

What are your plans for the weekend?



Sprouted Cinnamon Raisin Toast with Organic PB.

NOT enough food for me... I was really craving eggs and fruit this morning.  Finally will have a chance to do some serious food shopping this weekend.


Leftovers!  Last night's Curry Coconut Chicken with just a little brown rice.


More leftovers!  Finished off the rest of my Eggplant Marino from Thursday's lunch.  This dish is still great after a day.  I added some more parm cheese too.

I made chicken tacos for my boyfriend and ended up just eating one with some organic spinach and tomato.

Late Night Eats

1 Shocktop and 3/4 Yuengling.

+ more water!!!

Just got home about 30 minutes ago and I was hungry!  Instead of grabbing that chocolate cereal or ice cream, I heated up some Curry Coconut Chicken and Veggies...

... and I'm so done for the night.

Healthy Habits

Fruits: 0 today... I miss my fruit!
Veggies: 4 servings
Water: 2 liters
Body Care
Body Brushing & Oil Pulling: check!
Magnesium Oil: check!
Exercise: Tempo Lower Body (up to Awesome Legs)...

WOW, amazing workout!  My body needs floor work.  I was so achy pre-workout and felt fabulous by then end.  Decided to stop at Awesome Legs because (1) I was trying to get out of the house to meet up with La and (2) my muscles were quivering and I didn't want my form to get sloppy.  Plus (3) I'd already completed more than 30 minutes of my T-Tapp session... enough to be a full workout day for me.

Supplements... I got some new stuff today!
Alfalfa: 6 caps
B-12 Plus: 8 sprays
Cellfood: 8 drops
Emergen-C: 1 packet
Vitamin D3: 8 sprays

Well, I'm about to catch up on a few shows online and chill out.  Here's to a fantastic weekend!

Au revoir!

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