Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Washed Mine, You Should Too

Hanging to dry...
Green Bags have grown in popularity over the past few years, and I like that.  They were like a new fashion trend around here.  Once our local Publix grocery store had them, every other store with consumer goods seemed to follow suit.  But this "trend" didn't start with a chain grocery store, it began years and years ago with the awareness and wisdom of Earth conscious individuals.  I'm all for our massive population using less plastic anything.  You may not realize just how much this man-made material is affecting our planet.  More research comes out on the dangers of plastics all the time.  Remember the big buzz about bad BPA plastics?

Most of the "green bags" you see in the grocery stores are made from Polypropylene, basically plastic fabric that is washable.  I washed my green bags with a few towels and hung them up to dry.  (I must have a bag in every color of the rainbow!  This isn't even my complete collection.) The fabric dries quickly and as for the little plastic liner at the bottom, I hand washed those separately.

It's important to wash your reusable bags regularly to rid them of bacteria.  Designate certain bags for carrying meat/poultry/fish/eggs only, and other bags for produce, breads, or boxed items. 

Check out this article on by Planet Green on How to Keep Your Reusable Bags
Clean and Safe

Be Green!

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