Thursday, October 21, 2010

2010 T-Tapp Retreat: Day 3

As I mentioned before, I saw the most beautiful sunrises during the Retreat. Each day was breathtaking, made me fully understand why people live near the water.  Here's the view from my hotel room...

Somehow managed to skip all workouts on Saturday... guess I was busy working!  I am so thankful for the T-Tapp Retreat.  I love this time of year, connecting with clients that I work with via phone and email, spending time with T-Tapp Trainers, Forum Users, Challenge Winners, Newbies and Retreat Veterans is so much fun it almost shouldn't be called "work".  (Shh... don't tell the boss!)  I can honestly say that I love my job.  The T-Tappers make it all worth while.  Every year we continue to learn, grow and change for the better, meeting again looking younger, more toned and full of positivity.  I'm even smiling at strangers these days!

Saturday's speakers and some tid-bits I took away from their presentations...

Mary Shomon, Thyroid patient advocate and NY Times best-selling author.  Mary is a T-Tapper and Bichon Frise owner, like Teresa Tapp.  She's a bunch of fun and really knows her stuff when it comes to the thyroid.  Some of the things I learned from Mary at the Retreat are...
  • Ask your doctor for the tests you need (thyroid, adrenal, etc) during during your annual physical. They are more likely to order them for you at that time.
  • Chronic dieting lowers metabolism, as much as a 60% reduction in basal metabolic rate.
  • Calories in, calories out is not true anymore.  Your hormones play a part in weight loss.
Mary recommends:
  1. Mindful eating: stop and take the time to eat. Smell, touch, taste and enjoy your food.
  2. Stress reduction: stress created cortisol, which leads to belly fat among other things, and could result in a leptin issue (the "full" feeling hormone).
  3. Cut sugar and simple carbs: food carries energy, good or bad. Focus on eating whole foods and avoiding sugar when possible.
  4. Don't overexercise: gentle, regular, cardio and muscle building exercise is key... like T-Tapp!  Love your workout.

Dr. Rob Carlson a cardio-thoracic surgeon that knows his stuff about hormones and is passionate about the thyroid. He recommended taking vitamin D over the flu vaccine, and I was happy to hear that!  Vitamin D improves immunity, so take yours daily.  Dr. Rob did a demonstration on his Stop-It product, which makes sugar powerless in just one taste.  T-Tappers were literally spitting out chocolate!  Amazing.

Joan Schrader from Health and Wisdom spoke to us about the power of Magnesium Oil.  Basically, you need this stuff!  Our bodies crave magnesium and it's very difficult to get your levels up quickly with supplements.  Magnesium Oil is applied topically anywhere on the body, but most effectively on the feet.  Joan recommends using 2-4 ounces of magnesium oil in a warm foot bath. Delightful!  She also talked to us about Prill Beads and how they make your water hexagonal on a molecular level so your body can absorb it.  Not all water is created equal!

Teresa Tapp did a More Than a Workout Seminar where she discussed how the T-Tapp program is so much more than another workout to get you in a smaller size.  She told us about her health scare last year with tumors in her breast and how she was able to heal naturally using her knowledge of the body.  I'm so thankful to have Teresa Tapp in my life.  I've learned so much from her over the years, and she never ceases to amaze me with the new things she comes up with.  Thanks for another fabulous year, Teresa!

Saturday, October 9th Eats


Starbucks Grande Iced Green Tea and Spinach Wrap.


We ate lunch in the Four Springs Ballroom, which has a beautifully painted cathedral ceiling and crystal chandelier lighting.

Salmon Caesar Salad.

Sourdough Bread with 1/2 Butter Ball.

Lobster Bisque... right, Jen?  Too much good food to remember...


Before dinner we took a group photo outside by the pool... well, most of us.

I got a Blue Moon at the tiki hut before heading inside for dinner with the Retreat attendees.

We had the Floribbean themed dinner together...

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Au revoir!

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