Saturday, October 23, 2010

2010 T-Tapp Retreat: Day 4 & Trainer Certification Retreat

Bonjour! I'm still catching up on my posts, as you can see...  Above is another gorgeous sunrise over Tampa Bay I took on 10.10.10. (Just to think the next 10.10.10 will be on October 10th, 2110!)

First thing in the morning Teresa led a final Senior Fit workout and we finished measuring the event attendees shortly after.  Every year I am so amazed at how many inches everyone drops in a matter of one weekend, by pushing maximum form, learning and applying new techniques and tweaks... maybe a massage, reflexology session or steam time in the sauna.  Balancing relaxation and rest, plus hydration and quality eats with all the physical activity is important!

The Retreat workouts count as a Blitz type of Boot Camp; this is where you do 2-4 workouts per day (depending on the individual) for two days in a row and end with 1-2 final workouts on day three. You can choose to do as many or few workouts as you'd like. Sit in the back and take notes... T-Tapp Retreats are all about education!  Knowledge is power and everyone who attends really gets better with the mind to muscle connection (neuro-kinetic flow) and maintaining form too!

Top 5 Inch Loss Winners of the 2010 T-Tapp Retreat:
  1. Laurie Brooks - 31.25 inches
  2. Dawne Gordon - 22.50 inches
  3. Cryssanthe Detroyer - 19.25 inches
  4. Claudine Henry - 19 inches
  5. Stephanie Robinson - 18 inches

110 combined inches lost for the top 5 winners! Awesome!

In the photo, left to right: Laurie, Cryssanthe, and Claudine...

Congratulations ladies!

The other inch loss winners were not in the room for the announcement.

And I've even seen other Retreat attendees post on Facebook and the T-Tapp Forum about additional inch loss a week after they left Florida.  It's like residual results!

Teresa ended the 2010 T-Tapp Retreat with a Final Straight Through Workout that was a fusion of the other previous workouts done over the weekend.  We all said our goodbyes and parted ways (well, most of us), hoping to meet again soon at another fabulous T-Tapp event...

Our Annual T-Tapp Trainer Certification Retreat started at 4pm on Sunday, with the actual certification classes beginning on Monday morning and stretching through end of day on Tuesday.  During this event we have our trainers and trainers-in-training (TNTs) come in to teach the T-Tapp workout (Total Workout, T-Tapp MORE, Hit the Floor, and/or Ladybug) to be certified by Teresa Tapp to teach that workout in anywhere around the world.

Sunday, October 10th Eats


Starbucks Grande Nonfat Vanilla Latte, Fresh Fruit Cup, KIND Fruit & Nut Bar.

Forget the fruit and get an apple instead...


Lauren and I had a window of free time and made it to Val & Matty's Wedding Party!

Asian Pasta, Scallops and Duck Quesadilla.

Plus one Bud Light beer.

I wish we had more time to hang out with our friends at the party, but we headed back to the Spa for the start of our Trainer Certification Retreat.

It was wonderful seeing the trainers again!  We're like one big happy family of sisters.  It's so fun to be with everyone, catch up, workout, learn new form techniques, eat fabulous food and drink!


For dinner we headed over to the new pizzeria in town... Dominic's.  This place rocks!  We got a Mother-In-Law Pizza and it was fantastic.

The Mother-In-Law pizza... no sauce, mozzerella, cheddar and feta cheeses, tomato, spinach and garlic. YUM!  My new favorite pizza.

And I drank a Blue Moon when we got back to the spa.

Joan Schrader did another presentation for the trainers on magnesium oil and prill beads.  And a Trainer Only Meeting with Teresa followed that session, we wrapped things up before 11pm.

Trainer workouts started at 7am the following day, Monday the 11th. 

When I locate my green robot flash drive with all my backed up photos I'll be able to finish up Monday, October 11th - Thursday, October 14th.

Au revoir!

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