Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fitness Gear Wish List

Here are my top 10...

Nivea Good-bye Cellulite - I've been dying to try this product line and have read great reviews about it. Seems that it works wonders in 4 weeks to get your body ready for swimsuit season (which is pretty much year round in Florida). They even have patches and supplements.

2. Rebounder
- I've been wanting a mini-trampoline for ages! I need to research which one is best since there are so many brands out there. The two I'm considering are the Urban Rebounder (Retail: $99.99) and the Needak Rebounder (Retail: $269.00, Blue color: $249.00). Might end up going with the Urban due to price.

3. Yoga Mat and bag

4. Balance Ball Chair

5. Yoga Wedge

7. MBT shoes - (Masai Barefoot Technology) these great shoes have a negative heel technology to improve posture, tuck you pelvis under, and has a rocking motion that pumps the calves. (Retail: $250.00)

8. Heart Rate Monitor

9. Accu-Measure Fat Trac II Digital Skinfold Caliper

10. Pedometer