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Cellfood Drops

I recently started taking Cellfood again and don't know why I ever stopped. This stuff is amazing! Most of us don't get enough minerals, amino acids or enzymes in our diet... Cellfood is a great way to supplement. Here's a newsletter that Teresa Tapp sent out in 2000 about the benefits of Cellfood.

The Importance of Oxygen for overall Health and Fitness
T-Tapp Newsletter: July 30, 2000

The following newsletter is condensed from an article by Dr. Svet Boulatov, a medical doctor and homeopath. Dr. Boulatov lectures and consults in classical homeopathy, iridology, colon and tissue cleansing, and nutrition.

Most people don't realize how nutritional deficiencies can lead to diseases. Because our soils have been depleted of necessary minerals, many of our fruits and vegetables now have less than 12 minerals out of the over 70 minerals we need that were present in our foods 100 years ago. Furthermore, growing pollution has led to the depletion of oxygen in our atmosphere – from above 38% to less than 21% today. Our bodies are not designed to breathe air with only 21% oxygen in it. When oxygen drops to 6%, we suffocate. Without oxygen, a person can only live for a few minutes.

Our bodies need oxygen, water, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. With reduction of oxygen in the atmosphere, cellular oxygenation decreases, which results both in our metabolism slowing down and in toxins not being oxidized and expelled from our bodies. Chronic oxygen deficiency at cellular level leads to the accumulation of toxins and waste matter in our systems, resulting in some form of cellular mutation. Otto Warburg, twice Nobel Laureate, stated "the primary cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of body cells by anaerobic cell respiration."

The heart never gets cancer. Why? Because the coronary heart vessels deliver­ to the heart muscle­ blood that has the highest concentration of oxygen, which comes directly from the lungs. Thereafter, the slightly less oxygenated blood goes through the aorta to all the other parts of the body.

Water is needed for life. Without water, a person can live for only a few days. Water forms between 72 and 80% of the body. Minerals are needed for the proper composition of the body fluids, the formation of blood and bone, the maintenance of healthy nerve function, and the regulation of muscle tone. Lack of a single mineral can cause mental and physical problems. Enzymes break down foods so nutrients can be absorbed by the body (digestive enzymes), and build the body from proteins, carbohydrates and fats (metabolic enzymes). Amino acids make up the proteins that the body needs. These proteins are not obtained directly from the diet. Dietary protein is broken down into amino acids, which the body then uses to build the specific protein it needs. We can see how these five elements sustain life in our bodies, but is there a dietary supplement that can supply us with all of these?

Fortunately, there is. It's called "Cellfood". This highly concentrated and super-energized liquid contains 78 elements and trace minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, in a special dipole/dibase full aqueous solution which causes water molecules to split into hydrogen and oxygen, and supplies the body with these elements at the cellular level. Oxygen is used for oxidizing metabolic waste and for stimulating cellular respiration, and hydrogen is used for solidifying tissue cells. As a most complete nutritional supplement, "Cellfood" can offer tremendous benefits to humans, animals and plants. It both detoxifies and supplies essential micro-nutrients to balance any living tissue.

"Cellfood" boosts the immune system. In 1991 Dr. Aristo Vojdani, Vice President of Immunosciences Laboratories USA observed significant increases in T-cells with increasing dosages of "Cellfood". It's rapidly absorbed by the body because it's delivered directly into the blood stream through the mucous linings of the mouth, throat and esophagus; many other nutritional supplements are absorbed through the digestive system.

"Cellfood" scavenges free radicals at the cellular level. When "Cellfood" causes the splitting of a water molecule, the single oxygen atom that is released has a negative electromagnetic charge. A free radical is a positively charged atom that is damaging the cell because of its inability to bond with something. When this free radical encounters the negatively charged oxygen atom generated by "Cellfood", it bonds with it. The result is an oxygen molecule, which is used by the cell for cellular metabolism.

"Cellfood" increases the bioavailability of other nutritional supplements or medicines. That's why doctors must regularly monitor people who are on medication and take “Cellfood”. The need for medication can often be gradually decreased as the body cleanses, and gets stronger and more balanced. "Cellfood" can also be applied externally on the skin. It can be used undiluted on bruises, warts, moles, corns, scars, etc. If there is an open wound, dilute it from 1:10 to 1:20 with distilled water and apply it to the wound. For eye infections, it can be used as eye drops diluted 1:40 with sterile distilled water, and for sinus problems, it can be used like nose drops diluted 1:30 with distilled water. In an emergency, such as oxygen deficiency, a car accident, or shock a couple of drops can be put directly under the tongue.

Until we replenish our environment with sufficient oxygen, unpolluted water supplies, and soil balanced with all the elements and minerals in it, we'll need to use a nutritional supplement like "Cellfood" on a daily basis. By cleansing, nourishing and balancing our bodies, we are making a meaningful investment in ourselves – ensuring prevention of disease, quick healing if we do get ill or hurt, and improving our quality of living at every level.

My opinion: I knew about "Cellfood" approximately 5 years ago but it's just now arriving at general health food stores. In my opinion, "Cellfood" is the most comprehensive, nutritionally dense, most economical product I have ever discovered. Its unique oxygenating process and ionic delivery system enables it to deliver dissolved oxygen, electrolytes, 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes and 17 amino acids to every single cell. Talk about getting your money's worth! This super-concentrate comes in a 1 oz bottle and makes over 22 quarts of super-energized supplement! Its unique time-release delivery system ensures that all vital nutrients are rapidly absorbed by the body at the cellular level. And to top it off, it is created from all-natural plant substances. It retails for $24.95, but I've seen many health food stores price it at $26.95 or $29.95... you can get it on special for only $22.46. Order online on my web store yet or call 1-800-342-0717 (free shipping too). I mentioned this product months ago in a "Shared Secrets" article in Women's Fitness International magazine and the response was unbelievable... testimonials of increased energy were the most common with majority saying that they felt the difference within the first day!

The most amazing thing about this product is its ability to oxygenate from within the body. Most oxygen boosting products have infused oxygen (like water), but the oxygen escapes every time the bottle opens so the amount of oxygen assimilated by the body is minimal. No other delivery system is as effective as "Cellfood". It actually splits the H20 molecule from within our body to H (hydrogen) and O (oxygen) like Dr. Svet Boulatov explained in his article. So after you take this supplement, it continues to work within your system slowly reaching its peak 6 to 12 hours later.

Oxygen is a carrying agent and is necessary for the overall health of our bodies. Many celebrities/models frequent "oxygen bars" and drink special health tonics while sitting around with tubes in their nostrils (really!) to ensure youthful appearance and glowing skin texture. I saw one in Los Angeles nearly 10 years ago; it looked like a Star Wars set! Many professional make-up artists carry special "oxygen spritzers" to mist actor's faces while filming so their faces look smoother with less lines. Jennifer Anniston from the TV show "Friends" even admits to doing this – but most all actresses do. Then for those who can afford it, lie in an oxygen tank for 20 minutes or more for ultimate oxygenation. Remember all those bizarre stories how Michael Jackson would go in an oxygen tank on a weekly basis? Well, he's not the only celebrity! On a more common level, we've all seen many athletes intake oxygen to accelerate rebound time to get back into their game with renewed energy. Well now, we ALL can receive the benefits of oxygen with "Cellfood" ­ plus it's cost effective.

The Cellfood company also has a Cellfood Oxygen Gel for the face and neck. It's also a great product. If interested in purchasing either Cellfood Drops or Cellfood Oxygen Gel T-Tapp retails them online!

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