Sunday, September 27, 2009

Green Monster + Maxi Max Extreme

This morning I woke up feeling well rested for a change. Love Sunday mornings! It is a beautiful one in Tampa too.

11:50pm: egg and seriously sharp cheddar cheese English muffin

So good I wanted seconds.

After breakfast we relaxed and watched Roswell Season 2. Then Marcel left for band practice. I got the bright idea to make a healthy snack/lunch...

2:00pm: 1/2 Green Monster, shot of Jus

  • frozen banana
  • fresh spinach
  • Amazing Grass packet
  • ground organic flax
  • original Almond Breeze

I had to get myself to step away from the computer and get active before the day was gone. Trying to figure out which workout I want to do is hard when I have so many choices. As I was putting DVDs away I found the Master Copy of Maxi Max Extreme! Last time I attempted this workout was on Day 50 of my 60-day 2009 Challenge in February. Today I did the entire standing section (with a few extra water breaks)!!! I really could have continued onto the floor, but just the standing routine is 1 hour and 34 minutes! Great workout, let me tell you. The form tweaks are excellent. The pace is varied; mostly moderate, with some slow spots and some faster spots. I like how this workout "mixes it up" and you feel like you're working out at an actual event. It's great!

Maybe Tuesday, I'll do Maxi Max Extreme Basic Workout + Maxi Max Extreme Floor. Probably one of the better workouts to prepare me for Safety Harbor Retreat workouts since it was filmed at the 2007 Retreat.

4:00pm: 1/2 Green Monster

I'm off to brush, shower and start the laundry.

5:10pm: red delicious apple with crunch peanut butter

6:15pm: a few Snapea Crisps

I ate more than that, but though I'd show you how cute they are.
Roxy really wants one!

6:30pm: Egg Foo Yummy

7:50pm: slice of birthday cookie

More Roswell Season 2! It's getting so good. Love what they've done with this season.

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