Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday, the new Friday.

Early to rise today! smile The morning commute was much less stressful... even with the fog.

I can't believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving already. (Where has 2009 gone?) I don't know about you, but I can't wait for a turkey dinner and pie!

8:00pm: Starbucks grande nonfat vanilla latte, perfect oatmeal (with just a little brown sugar)

So much for my no added sugar thing.

Yes, I had vanilla syrup in my latte and the smallest amount of brown sugar in my oatmeal. But I've been good this week so far. Will have a little dessert tomorrow and take the next day or two off.

Morning Supplements:
Alfalfa: 3 caps
Gentle Transition: 2 caps
Jus: 1 ounce
Priority Women's Complete Multi: 3 caps
Wobenzym: 8 tablets

My Dad came by the office and we went out to lunch today! We decided to go to Crispers in downtown Safety Harbor and ate lunch outside.

12:20pm: Thai Chicken Flat Bread and garden salad with a little ranch

Thanks for lunch, Dad!

It was nice to go out to lunch for once. I usually eat at my desk and don't get outside until after work.

Afternoon Supplements:
Alfalfa: 3 caps
Gentle Transition: 2 caps
Priority Women's Complete Multi: 3 caps
Wobenzym: 12 tablets

Teresa gave me a new bottle of Wobenzym and I need to start taking them every hour to help reduce all this extra inflammation. Hey, if it'll make me feel better, why not?

Wow, I was slammed at work at the end of the day... and then enjoyed a little vino with the boss.

Relaxing and productive. Can't get better than that.

8:00pm: slice of rosemary bread with brie cheese, roasted garlic and olives + glass of Smoking Loon Merlot

YUM! Thanks Teresa. biggrin

8:30pm: organic black beans and brown rice with cilantro, fresh spinach and seriously sharp cheddar

After dinner I sat in the massage chair for a bit and then did Basic Plus Tempo and Diva Derriere to make my body feel better. Now I'm off to brush...

Evening Supplements:
Alfalfa: 3 caps
Natural Calm - Raspberry Lemon: 2 tsp
Priority Women's Complete Multi: 2 caps

Ayez une grande nuit!

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