Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Roxy is My Sunshine

It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom. - Aristotle

Finally got in my entire morning routine (and was only 10 minutes late to the office)!!!

I did Tempo 8 Rep workout. Honestly, I felt like crap this morning. Almost like I was getting sick. I didn't want to get out of bed, take the puppy out or exercise. But I did it!

Afterward I felt SO much better. Now I'm loading up on vitamins, veggies and water to boost my immune system. Do NOT want to get sick!

I have my chiropractic and massage appointment this afternoon. And I can not wait for my massage!

Plus, I got in my body brushing this morning too.

8:15am: 2 scrambled eggs with veggies, coffee with vanilla Almond Breeze

2 servings of veggies + 0.5 serving for my Jus = 2.5 servings
(1/2 cup veggies (chopped green pepper and onion, cherry tomatoes) + 1 cup spinach)

No sugar!
I only drank half of this before it got cold and I poured it out.

Morning Supplements:
Alfalfa: 3 caps
Gentle Transition: 2 caps
Jus: 1 ounce
Priority Women's Complete Multi: 3 caps
Wobenzym: 8 tablets

12:10pm: China Garden - chicken and broccoli with white rice, fortune cookie

2 servings of veggies!

I ended up eating all of the chicken and veggies in the container with a tiny bit more rice. (I am so not a white rice kinda girl!) And I never go for Chinese food, but both La and I had a craving. Strange. Next time (probably months from now) I'll get the veggie soup, which is loaded with veggies and tofu in a light broth. Yum.

Afternoon Supplements:
Alfalfa: 3 caps
Priority Women's Complete Multi: 3 caps

My appointment was, well, painful and emotional with healing on the side. I had my adjustment first and my neck is so tight that it really hurt when she tried to reset it. It just makes me very emotional to STILL be going through this healing process after so long. I just want to feel better and be pain-free. Headaches, neckaches, jawaches -- oh my. The massage helped a lot, but I was starting to get emotional thinking about all of this stuff. cry SO over it, you know. At least my back is feeling better from all this T-Tapping! smile

It started raining on the way home... which still makes me nervous. I prefer to listen to the rain on my rooftop, not dodging puddles and slamming on breaks to avoid accidents. I made it home in one piece, cracked open another $4.99 bottle of Smoking Loon Merlot and poured myself a big glass.

Roxy makes me smile when skies are gray.

Time to relax...

Don't worry I'm also downing H20 like it's going out of style!

6:45pm: glass of Smoking Loon Merlot

7:00pm: big salad with crab cake, side of mashed potatoes

3 servings of veggies!

Mmm... comfort. mrgreen

I did a little walk/jog with Roxy pup after dinner.

Evening Supplements:
Alfalfa: 3 caps
Natural Calm - Raspberry Lemon: 2 tsp
Priority Women's Complete Multi: 2 caps

Bonne nuit mes amis!

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