Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Craving: BOSU® Ball

I first used a BOSU® Ball with my personal trainer at the chiropractor's office. I did crunches and some other moves with weighted medicine balls. Let me tell you... I really felt my abs for the next few days. Why? Because BOSU® works your entire abdominal area while also building better core strength and stability. BOSU® Balls are amazing!

Looks like something from outer space, but it rocks this planet.

You can do SO many exercises with a BOSU! Check this out...

One of my personal trainer friends uses the BOSU with all of his clients and they get fabulous results. It's all about the core!

Another piece of fitness gear to add to my wish list...

This is the one that I would get: BOSU® Home Trainer with 3 FREE Bonus Workouts (Over $145 Value for $99.95)

Just think of the killer abs I'd have from using the BOSU at home... dreaming...

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