Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday!

Teresa let us out early today for Good Friday. Thanks Teresa! I really wasn't expecting such a short work day, but the weather was beautiful and it was so nice to start my weekend early.

I headed home and got geared up for my workout. First, I took Roxy for a little walk outside.

I'm really going to miss this view and walking trail! We're moving in one month. Still not sure where yet, but it's looking like Safety Harbor and I couldn't be more excited about it.


Maxi Max #1 + body brushing.

This was a killer workout, but just what my body needed. I have to do more floor work!



I shared this Organic Gala Apple and Organic PB with Marcel before we left for Whole Foods.

After Whole Foods I snacked on some of these Snapea Crisps.

Whole Foods had the most beautiful orchids ever!

And they're doing an Earth Day thing with Sweetwater Organic Farm!


Wild Sockeye Salmon, Broccoli and Red Quinoa.


1/4 cup Organic Mocha Java Ice Cream.


Alfalfa: 3 caps
B-12 Plus: 4 sprays
Pyruvyl Glycine: 8 sprays
Vitamin D3: 4 sprays

Water intake today: 2 liters

Veggies today: 4
Fruits today: 1.5

Au revoir!

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