Friday, March 21, 2008


Ever see someone with very poor posture and want to grab them to push their shoulders back?
I have.

Posture is so important! It keeps the body upright in proper anatomical alignment, activates the muscles and helps prevent the "hump", plus more. Poor posture makes a person look unsure of themselves and just "sad". Whereas, good posture presents the opposite and makes a person look confident, poised and collected.

Sure, everyone sort of slumps when they're younger. I probably spent most of my youth with poor posture. Now that I'm older and have experienced a serious whiplash injury from a car accident, I can really FEEL the difference between good and poor posture even more. The way my body is positioned really matters.

For example, I used to have a bad habit of sitting on one leg while working on the computer. It just felt more comfortable to do for a little while (until my leg fell asleep). Just last week I noticed that I was subconsciously sitting on my leg again. Then when I got home that evening I was having incredible hip pain and finally connected the dots. Sitting on your leg throws the body out of alignment, similar to slumping posture.

Another connection that Teresa Tapp has pointed out on numerous occasions is holding the phone between your head and shoulder. Tilting your head like that puts kinks in the neck. Yesterday, again, noticed that I subconsciously was holding the phone this way for a few calls even though we have headsets now. Later that night my neck and shoulders were a mess!

It's amazing how little things like that make a big difference in how you feel. Many aches and pains could be a result of your body's position throughout the day. How do you prevent this from happening? Apply T-Tapp techniques during the day and try to be consciously aware of the way you sit, stand, walk and talk on the phone. Here are some tips to incorporate into daily life and movement...

When sitting try to apply ergonomic techniques. Sit with shoulders back in alignment with hips (good posture). Think to "lift ribs" to help with this. You can also tighten the tummy for increase muscle activation (helps with results too). Make sure your legs are positioned about hip width apart with feet flat on the floor going straight. Try not to cross your legs or sit on your legs, both can throw the body out of alignment.

If you're sitting at a computer desk, make sure the computer is eye level and you don't have to look up or down at it.

T-Tapp teaches how to activate muscles while sitting and actually has a Chair Workout. Check out the free video clip on the Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes book page on Scroll down on this screen until you see the video player in the center. Try to apply Teresa's tips for best results.

Most of us stand with our weight sunk into one hip because it's "easier" for the body. The T-Tapp techniques can be applied here as well. If you're not familiar with T-Tapp I highly recommend that you check it out. At least flip through the book to read about how to do the basic T-Tapp Stance. This position can be done while standing as well.

Try to stand with weight distributed evenly on both legs. Place your feet about hip width apart with toes forward/feet parallel. Slightly bend your knees, slightly tuck the butt until you feel it in your lower back. Now push the knees out to the little toe (T-Tapp technique of "KLT") slightly. And of course, focus on shoulder to hip alignment - lift ribs, tighten tummy.

You can still stand with weight into one hip, but soften that knee and keep the form (tuck butt, shoulder to hip, KLT). No one will notice what you're doing, but you'll be activating your muscles and burning off inches. Sneak in that exercise!!

The best way to walk is without a turn out on your feet. Don't walk like a duck! Most people have some turn out on their feet, which inactivates the muscles at the knee and hip creating a muscle imbalance and could result in fat around those areas. Teresa Tapp teaches how to walk in alignment using T-Tapp techniques on the Step Away the Inches Walking Workout. These techniques make a BIG difference in slimming and trimming the hips, thighs and tummy!

Another biggie is going up stairs or an incline. Try to really focus on shoulder to hip alignment because the tendency is to lean forward, which can put pressure on the knees. Last year I took a vacation to San Francisco I did a lot of walking. Sometimes more than 10,000 steps per day and mostly uphill! Although I didn't fit in but one or two full T-Tapp workouts, walking with T-Tapp techniques helped me slim down my target areas (hips and thighs) so much that everyone noticed when I came home. It's amazing what a little alignment and KLT can do!

The number one thing that my chiropractor and Teresa have told me is to NOT hold the phone between your head and shoulder. This causes kinks in the neck. And for me results in shoulder and neck pain.

Notice how all of these things can relate back to T-Tapp? Amazing, isn't it.

So stand tall and be proud of it. Your body will thank you.

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