Wednesday, October 28, 2009

T’appy Holidays 2009 – Fun! Fitness! Prizes!

Head T-Tapp Trainer Lani Muelrath is starting her T'appy Holidays again this year! I'm joining in the fun.

Here are the basics...

T’appy Holidays!!!

November 1 – December 26, 2009
Back again this year by popular demand!

T’appy Holidays is a way to:

  1. stay connected,
  2. motivated,
  3. consistent, in a
  4. supportive environment, by associating with countless others aspiring in the same direction as you through the next eight weeks

Join others staying active, T-Tapping, eating smart, and body-brushing their way happily and healthily through the holiday season.

Just to make it easy…

There’s a spreadsheet to download (see below), and we can have some fun with that, too (see that information below as well!)

Here are the components:


1. Daily Activity: Over the course of each week, we will aspire to

  • 1 Total T-Tapp Workout (or its equivalent)
  • 2 Basic Workout + (15 minutes fitness)
  • 3 free choice activities: lots of alternatives, including walking! Just make sure it challenges your fitness and breaks you a sweat

For example, another T-Tapp workout, challenging yoga, a fitness class, a bike ride or a spin on the ice pond with skates would count; a sauna wouldn’t . Even though it would be a highly beneficial and recommended addition. On the spreadsheet, you’ll see other T-Tapp workout options listed; yet with so much room for free choice workouts, you can feel free to mix it up with other favorites as you wish.

  • and 30 minutes of floor – core challenges weekly. Lots of combinations can get you there! This can also be spread out through the course of the week. For example, you could do Lani’s Torso Trimming Series 2 – 3 times during the course of the week and they would fulfill the “floor-core” portion of the program . Or, you could do Pretzel daily for the week.

The idea is to stay active through the holidays and to take advantage of the beauty of the time savings of the T-Tapp Workout as a solid base, even if you integrate other types of exercise into your routine. Have fun, enjoy what you do, enjoy what you eat…you get the idea.

2. Daily Gusto Brekkie: Enjoy quality, fiber-rich natural foods for breakfast to give you satiety and sustained energy.

Old fashioned oatmeal, steel cut or whole oats; creamy brown rice; muesli; or sprouted whole grain bread with fruit are easy-to-prepare choices. No skipping your break-of-fast for the default fliple-tripped mochachino mid-morning or afternoon!


3. Daily veggies: (6 servings). A serving is 1/2 cup of steamed veggies/1 cup greens, give or take. You can create it in endless fashion: a salad at dinner with some steamed veggies, salad or soup at lunch, some crudites in between, and you’re there!

You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel and how much easier it will be to stay trim – and how much better your biochemistry/acid-alkaline balance as well as elimination – will feel with lots of high water content veggies.

Legumes, potatoes, are plants, though higher in protein and starch so though you do want a plant-based diet, and legumes and beans are central to a healthy diet, they do not constitute the base of the 6 servings. If they did, then everyone pounding down their french fries would be high on points, right?

Colorful, high water content plants are what is meant by veggies for our purposes, then. Legumes will count if you sprout them, because then they become a high water content, living plant! Don’t get me wrong, you can eat beans and legumes with gusto.

ur start.


4. Daily Skin Brushing:

Implement the T-Tapp brushing sequence for optimal results; or simply get a body brush and BRUSH! You’ll feel lighter, brighter, refreshed and bright-eyed.

Each item for each day is listed on the spread sheet and is given a point value. There are maximums for each day in each category, to encourage regular practice of these good habits AND to discourage over-exercising to get more points! Finding loopholes is forbidden!

Each week has a potential total of 490 points; if you get ALL of them for the week, you get 10 bonus points for a nice round 500 for the week. For 8 weeks, starting November 1st. We’ll keep it simple, but fun.

Start planning and gearing up now for the fittest and most fun Tappin’ Holiday season ever!

Celebrate with others each week as you attain – just for fun – the status of:

Goddess: 500 pts for the week

Diva: 425 – 499 for the week

Muse: 375 – 424 for the week

Flirt: <375> for the week

Each week, keep track of your points on the spreadsheet. Report in at the T-Tapp Forums with your level of “expertise” each week. One week you might be a “diva”, another week a “muse”…or maybe even goddess! And if nothing else join us as a “flirt”.

Just come in and talk about it! One of the most powerful keys to success is getting support. It’s right there for the taking – and giving.


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