Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 14-20 Weekly Review: Healthy Habits

Week of Sunday, March 14 - Saturday, March 20

On February 17th I decided that enough is enough - I need to make healthier choices overall to reach my goals, so I created a Get Healthy & Fit Game Plan for myself to follow.

Now I'm trying to see how well I've been sticking to the new healthy habits I want to form. Using this format makes it really easy to see where I need to improve!
After a while most of these things will just become second nature, but for now I'm keeping track.

Avoiding Alcohol/Coffee/Sweets

  • SUN:
  • MON:
  • TUE: 1/2 cup of coffee with cream/sugar and Chocolate Delight granola
  • WED: Slice of Jen's Organic Vanilla Bean Bunt Cake and a few bites of Lucky Charms cereal
  • THU: Mini Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting
  • FRI: 1/2 can Coke with Rum
  • SAT: Chocolate Delight granola, Lucky Charms
Oh self, dessert is only supposed to be once a week! I don't think I can be good until the Lucky Charms and Chocolate Delight granola are out of the house completely.

Body Brushing: Aiming to brush once per day
  • SUN:
  • MON:
  • TUE:
  • WED: (twice!)
  • THU:
  • FRI:
  • SAT:
Pretty good job here!

Clean Eating: Aiming for eating more organic minimally processed foods
  • SUN:
  • MON: 12 grain English muffin, Whole Grain Pita Chips (both not SO bad)
  • TUE: sugar, coffee, chocolate
  • WED: processed bread, cake, Lucky Charms
  • THU: cupcake, granola
  • FRI: soda/rum, processed roll
  • SAT: granola, Lucky Charms
Room for improvement. Think I need to focus on the T-Tapp's God Made/Man Made way of eating, which allows a "cheat" day after 2 clean eating days.

Exercise: Aiming for 3 full workouts per week
  • SUN: Rest
  • MON: Tempo Lower Body
  • TUE: Rest
  • WED: Tempo Lower Body
  • THU: Rest
  • FRI: Tempo 2 - 8 Reps
  • SAT: Rest
Great job here!

Water: Aiming for 2+ liters per day
  • SUN:
  • MON:
  • TUE:
  • WED:
  • THU:
  • FRI:
  • SAT:
I'm awesome at getting waterlogged!

Overall, it was a pretty good week!

This coming week I will focus on:

Au revoir!

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