Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Annual T-Tapp Fitness Retreat was Fabulous!

I'm living at the beautiful Safety Harbor Resort & Spa for a whole week!  LOVE this place!

Safety Harbor Spa is the largest spa facility in the southern US -- the spa alone is about 40,000 square feet!  Located on Tampa Bay, the Spa has a great water view and downtown feel with shops, restaurants and bars within walking distance.  I'm working the T-Tapp Retreat, so I don't get spa time...but I do get to workout and enjoy the speakers!

I took almost 500 images with my boyfriend's Canon Rebel DSLR during the Retreat and can't wait to go through them.  (Everyone is calling me "Camera Casey" now!)  This event has been my favorite of them all.  They get better and better every year!  It was like a big T-Tapper reunion and we had some Retreat newbies too, with a lot of cutting edge health education on healing cancer naturally, hormones and the thyroid gland, the power of transdermal magnesium and prill beads, and how to be a beauty detective.  I learned some new things, probably lost a few inches and really had a genuinely great weekend!

I have SO much more to tell you about this fabulous Retreat.  Tonight our Trainer Certification Retreat began and we're getting ready to workout in the morning with Teresa, followed by a trainer teaching T-Tapp workouts every hour all day long.  Wishing good luck to all our Trainers!

Au revoir!

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